ZihengHengteer is a private Scientific Technological enterprise. It’s located in airport dis., China (Tianjin) free trade pilot area, Tianjin Binhai New Area. The enterprise totally consist by two industry which are Foundry Machinery and Wire&Cable and two independent entities which are Ziheng(Tianjin) Industry Co., Ltd and Tianjin Hengteer Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.

The company occupies 50,000m2 land and 40,000m2 building area; presently it has 200 employs, including totally 40 postgraduate, undergraduate, junior and senior title engineers together. And equipped with 300 sets various machine tools and equipments.


Ziheng(Tianjin) Industry Co., Ltd

Ziheng(Tianjin) Industry Co., Ltd had been approved as “Enterprise Technology Center” by the Government, which is the high technology enterprise. Ziheng in accordance with the modern enterprise management system operation, and passed the ISO9001 2008 quality system certification to integrate the enterprise advantages of resources and leading the industry technological progress.

It’s specialized in Foundry equipment production and has been established the R&D, sales, production base and sub-office in Europe, western Asia and Japan.

Ziheng technically cooperated with Tokyu Co., Ltd Japan to produce international developed AMF series, vertical molding, parallel parting, match plate, flaskless automatic molding line. It’s among the best in domestic and international market and already sold nearly 300 sets including Malaysia, India, Iran etc. It has the right to export-import by itself and it’s the overseas sales and service center of Tokyu Co., Ltd.

Since the establishment of the company, it has always put the customers’ requirement as the business target. It’s relying on scientific and technological progress and developed a variety of products: such as HAP series of automatic pouring machine, HVM series shell decompression production line and other sets of equipment with mechanical, electrical and hydraulic complex factors and access to a number of national patents.  

With the rapid development of the global integrated market process, ZihengHengteer people look at the world, and made a major strategic decision in 2013, which is the acquisition of more than 150 years of history, world-renowned foundry industry, Germany's well-known brand BMD, and has sole proprietorship and holding "BMD Foundry Technology Co., Ltd." and "BMDZ Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd.", so that BMD re-energized and launched high efficiency, high precision, low reject rate, excellent  air permeability of flask moulding line. The main series moulding euipments are:

1.      ASPA series Automatic multi-piston&down lifting moulding machine.

2.      AMS/AMT series air-impulse moulding machine.

3.      DMS/DMT series Dynapulse with multi-piston moulding machine.

Since the establishment of the new BMD, the equipment has been successfully delivered to Fagor in Spain and Guangjin casting-forging company in Guangdong, China. There are a lot of communication and negotiation about moulding technology and project from the new and old customers.


Tianjin Hengteer Wire and Cable Co., Ltd

Tianjin Hengteer Wire and Cable Co., Ltd is a high scientific and technological company. The company equipped with imported latest-model physical foam extrusion production line fromUSA, high speed braiding machine fromTaiwan, WIEDENBACH Inkjet printer fromGermanyand vector network analyzer etc. Being specialized in the manufacture of mine leakage coaxial cable, mine fire retardant communication cable, physical foam insulation coaxial line, base station communication compound cable, sensor cable, special cable and kinds of installation cables etc. which have a extensive use in mobile communication and safety and protection.

The company has strong technical force, developed equipments and perfect detect devices. All products adopt international standard and had passed Germany TÜV and CERT ISO 9001 2000. The company had formed integrated quality assurance system by carrying out ISO9002 and many products have get mine safety mark certificate.


Enterprise management philosophy is “Sure footed work, seek for opportunity. Work together, create effulgent future”. It will be continually pursuing perfection and technical advancement, with high efficiency to provide over expectant products and excellent service. The target of ZihengHengteer is perform “Based on Tianjin, Have the whole world in view, Serve industry, Make Ziheng Eternal“.

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